Elon Musk on Rogan!

This guys is NUTS! Great interview by Joe Rogan though.

Just a thought… If you are an embattled billionaire CEO whose sanity is continually being drawn into question, perhaps you shouldn’t smoke weed on camera. Also… Claiming that we are “probably” living in the matrix… does not dispel the rumors that perhaps all this is a bit much for you and that maybe you should take some time off.

Sic Semper Tyrannis


3 thoughts on “Elon Musk on Rogan!

  1. I think Musk was perfect. Not worrying as much about his Board of Directors as he was with the Borring Company. He is the billionaire version of Cards Against Humanity. I need my billionaires to be eccentric and have pet projects like transferring human consciousness into AI, space mining, or eradicating disease, not just making hundreds of millionaires periferaly along the way.


    1. I’d agree with you if he could meet production goals. Tesla is the most shorted stock on Wall St right now… It’s true that some of that is pressure from more established car manufacturers… but his erratic behavior is not fair to his investors.

      Elon Musk doesn’t own Tesla anymore. He is the CEO and an employee. It’s owned by the people and funds who invested in it. When he sends tweets out claiming that he’s taking the company private and has secured funds when he hasn’t, he is violating not only the law but the trust his investors have put in him. Hence the SEC investigation that is underway.

      He has a responsibility to behave rationally. Now if he wasn’t calling Thai heroes child molesters on Twitter… if he wasn’t claiming he was going private when we isn’t… if he was meeting production goals and sales goals… then smoking a little grass on Rogan and cutting up is fine… but the fact is that he is embattled and he is a blonde hair away from losing the company he founded. Or he might just quit.


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