Thursday rundown on current events:

So… I’ve noticed Nike put some ungrateful rich kid from the suburbs on their poster and errbody is all super angryface about it. I gotta tell you, I couldn’t care less. I never really bought a lot of Nike stuff anyway. I’m just not the target demographic for $300 basketball shoes. It will be interesting to see what the result is for the company though. They obviously weighed angering a lot of old white people against what is likely to be stronger Finebrand loyalty from a younger urban demographic. Let’s see if it was a good move or a bad one. I’m honestly curious.

Meanwhile, the Senate is going to confirm Brett Kavanaugh as the next Supreme Court Justice. In case you are curious… this will happen. Everyone involved in the process knows this will happen. He is eminently qualified. He is a strong constitutionalist. He will be confirmed. The marketing ploy that I don’t understand… at all… is why the DNC would send anti-semite and sharia law defender Linda Sarsour into the confirmation to shriek like the spoiled little girl that she is. If I was a democrat, Linda Sarsour would be my biggest secret. The woman is anti-gay, anti-Jew, anti-American, and flat out annoying. Inviting the protesters into the hearing (I’m looking at you Kamala Harris and Corey Booker) is bad politics and just ridiculous. We’ve got Trump… Maybe the opposition shouldn’t try to be the biggest Trump, but instead, the anti-Trump. I kinda thought about making her unintelligible wailing my ringtone though. It was funny.

Woodward put out a book critical of Trump. In the bombshells released so far… qualified, respected, and accomplished men believe he is an idiot. Also there is a lot of conflict in his administration. The most startling revelation on the book though is that the sky, at least on sunny days, is blue. Thank God we have Bob Woodward… Nobody knew any of that before today… LOL. In truth, I believe most of what I’ve seen on this book. Bob Woodward is extremely trustworthy… having said that… remember when he wrote a book critical of Obama and the left called him a right wing nutter and a racist? Just sayin…

They buried John McCain. The great American hero and Senator who I almost never agreed with. Having said that, the same media that called him an old coot, racist, and sexist proves once again that in their minds the only good Republican is a dead Republican. We congratulate Sen. McCain for ascending into the halls of greatness in the minds of people who called him a racist, sexist, bigot, homophobe and a doddering old fool.

The old gray lady, NYT, has published an article by an anonymous source claiming to be a senior level staffer in the White House to tell us that Trump is Trump. He or she is a “senior official” a job title that can describe well over a hundred people, and claims to be part of a cabal of true conservatives looking to thwart the president’s populist agenda, giving the already existent perception of chaos amongst the staff more credence. It’s a fun little game of Carmen San Diego. My guess is that they already know who wrote the article and he or she will be walked out of the building, take an Uber over to CNN and start his or her new job as a conservative political commentator who agrees with democrats on absolutely nothing other than that the president is a bum. Whatever… he is a bum. Why do I care?

And my personal favorite story: Chelsea Clinton complained that The New Yorker invited Steve Bannon to some event that nobody who makes less than $3 million a year cares about. She cannot understand how anyone could normalize a race bating, anti-American, antisemitic, hate monger like Bannon. Meanwhile her father was on a stage seated with Louis Farrakhan… I will say this… She is her mother’s daughter. Never miss a chance to make yourself look incompetent.

Have a nice day everyone!

Sic Semper Tyrannis

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