Hi and welcome. If you’re here, I appreciate it!

Key West has a saying that I like a lot… “Whatever your hang-up, leave it on the other side of 7 mile bridge”. If there is a theme for this site, that’s it. If you disagree with something you see on here, awesome! I love to debate, argue, laugh and learn. So speak up in the comments! If you’re offended… you can take that right on back to the Huffington Post or wherever it is you found it, because I couldn’t give a damn less. You carried your thin skinned ass over here, feel free to carry it right on somewhere else.

Here, we will be taking Hitler’s birthday off to celebrate the accomplishments of Stalin at a southern megachurch with a group of yankee atheist vegans while cooking steaks for people with high cholesterol. We will sing work songs for welfare recipients and dance for the disabled. It will be a dangerous sanctuary of moderate extremism specifically designed to delight the apathetic and confuse the sure minded. So, as I said before, leave those hang-ups on the other side of 7 mile.

A couple of rules: Be respectful. No racists. Other than that, I hope you enjoy.

My goal is to publish something every day. Some will be longer, some shorter, some might just be a meme I made. I work hard and I am hoping this might be a fun hobby… Submit things you like and I’ll put them up. If you want to submit something you wrote, shoot it to me and I’ll review it. I’m not picky.

As always:

Sic Semper Tyrannis


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