My Take on The Donald

I feel like I’ve done a little water carrying for the President. I don’t like him. I didn’t vote for him… But I was VERY happy to see Hillary lose. And I DON’T wish she was President. And I like some of the things Trump has done. I like him on judges. I like him on regulation. And in truth, he isn’t that bad at foreign policy (not counting trade… he’s terrible on trade). But I am just continually hit in the face with his lack of morals. His AWFUL decision making on who to hire. His lack of a sense of duty to the office. I think he loves America, but I don’t think he respects America. He treats America like one of his wives… He’s fond of her, but he doesn’t treat her with the RESPECT she is due. And that’s a shitty marriage. And that’s a shitty President.

Where are the statesmen? The Daniel Patrick Moynihans? Where are the people who are willing to put the country first? Throughout American history it is not normal for the thirst for political power to derail or even seriously damage the democracy. That is why it was Republicans who came to Nixon and let him know that while they could fight, it was not in the interest of the country and they would not fight and that Nixon was done. The fact is that an old political war horse like Richard Nixon, with decades of favors to call in, and still in the Oval Office, could have fought impeachment. He might have even survived it. But that was not to be… the very people he needed to back him are the ones who came to him to inform him his presidency was over. The office had taken enough. It had already lost enough. It had to be preserved. That means Nixon had to go… And go is what he did.

Trump isn’t going anywhere. He’ll fight to his dying breath. My guess is that he’ll win. He really hasn’t done anything to be forcibly removed him from office (at least that we know of, yet). Let’s just hope there’s something left when he’s done… And someone there with real morals, real respect for the office, a love of this country, to step in and put a little of the mystery and majesty back in the Presidency. Someone who can help fix congress. Help them take back their constitutional power and stop the ridiculous partisan bickering that has completely infected the hill. It’s time to Make America Great Again… but for real this time

2 thoughts on “My Take on The Donald

  1. Can you eat “respect” on a slide of bread? What caloric value is there to “morals?” Whose morals? Do I want a moral president? Hell yes! Do I want to stop the encroachment of leftist ideology in every aspect of my life? Hell yes! The letter is more important than the former.


    1. Do we have to choose? Isn’t there such an animal as a good, strong leader who makes good decisions, doesn’t bend over for insane children shrieking into the ether, and is still a decent person?

      I could probably swallow his complete lack of morals a little easier if he would just hire better people… I mean when was the last time you heard of someone’s lawyer testifying against him? For the love of everything holy, even his mistresses are trash. A porn star? Really Donald?

      I’m with you, I like a lot of what he does… but I really hate who he is.


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