Tuesday Rundown


Good day all,

I figured I’d do a Tuesday rundown on current events… as I see it.

In a dramatic update on the shooting in Dallas, the police have discovered marijuana in the home of the murder victim, completely turning the investigation on its head. Obviously if there was marijuana in his apartment, he wasn’t the innocent victim his family and friends claim he was. I mean what kind of person would have marijuana in their apartment? Listen, if you don’t want a police officer to illegally break into your home, hold you at gun point, give you commands, and then murder you in cold blood… then don’t keep marijuana in your apartment.

Just kidding… it’s a nonsense detail that was cynically leaked by the Dallas PD to try to change the narrative from the very clear fact that one of their officers broke into a completely innocent man’s home and killed him. It wasn’t a call gone wrong. It wasn’t a mistaken address. It was murder, pure and simple… and the perpetrator should be treated like the violent criminal that she is. There is no other way to look at this… and the sooner the Dallas PD wraps their head around this fact, the easier it will be on them.

In other news and in the least surprising turn of events since Corey Booker’s tears of rage, a woman nobody has ever heard of has come forward claiming that Brett Kavanaugh sexually assaulted her while they were in high school… Over 35 years ago…. Kavanaugh, who would have been a minor child at the time, has categorically denied the allegation. His supposed accomplice has also categorically denied the allegation. There is absolutely no evidence, eye witness, or character witness that can corroborate this fever dream. The girl he was dating at the time doesn’t believe it…. As a matter of fact… nobody, anywhere, actually believes this. Frankly finding marijuana in the apartment of a murder victim has a better chance of changing anything that this cynical, ridiculous, incredible (as in NOT credible), accusation.

She is being represented by a Clinton lawyer and being protected by some of the least honest people in the Senate. Honestly… we all knew this would come up. How many memes did I see when he was first nominated claiming some hideous wildebeest would come out of the ether to claim that she “just remembered” that this guy is a predator. For my #metoo supporters and my feminist friends… surely this makes you uncomfortable. I mean using obviously false and indefensible accusations to attack people you don’t like politically is going to hurt the movement.

Meanwhile the Chairman of the DNC is very credibly accused of beating the hell out of women in several relationships… Huh, interesting. I can’t imagine why nobody has heard about that.

In other news there was a Hurricane… kind of. For 10 days we watched the news 24/7 while “experts” expertly pontificated on the destructive power and certainty of the looming disaster. People were evacuated from VA Beach on Monday of last week. The Navy took to sea. Graphics were shown of beautiful sea side towns being wiped from the face of the earth as if it were a Roland Emmerich movie. Reporters breathlessly described the pure unadulterated destruction that was about to befall the entirety of the east coast.

Even inland, maps showed previously never seen levels of rain. 20” in Roanoke! Translating to like 35’ of water! Good lord! There’s just no surviving that. Roanoke would be found 2,000 years later like some kind of Pompeii repeat with voids in the mud in the shape of mothers holding their children! Except none of that happened, of course. It was a ratings grab and the fact is that they really didn’t have any idea what the storm was going to do until it was about 2 days out. As it turns out, it hit south of the outer banks as a weak category 1. There was localized flooding, trees down, power outages and a few injuries and deaths. It was just like any other hurricane and virtually everyone was fine… except the press who got caught playing up the “danger” on several occasions. The only real issue here is that one of these days there is going to be a real disaster coming and nobody is going to pay any attention to the liars on the screen.

Also, the Emmys happened. I didn’t know they were on. I didn’t watch them. I don’t care about them. However, I’m going to go out on a limb and figure that idiot overpaid starlets wore idiotic costumes and complained about Trump. Ah, culture.

As for Trump, Muller, Woodward’s book, Don Jr’s fight with Anderson Cooper, etc… All is pretty much the same as before. The president says dumb stuff. The left attacks him. The press claims that Muller has finally put the nail in Trump’s coffin, somebody quits or gets fired from the administration, someone anonymously writes and op ed, John Kerry colludes with Iran, several Democrats have an epileptic fit over a tweet, and the world just keeps on spinning.

Here’s a question, how much longer does this show have? I feel like they jumped the shark a bit when they threw that Huckabee chick out of the restaurant. Some of the characters are getting a little stale. They need to shake the story line up a little bit… Like getting one of the main characters to be in a murder investigation or something. Maybe they could get the Attorney General to shoot an unarmed black guy… That would be fun… or get Trump to issue a decree honoring the Dallas PD and their handling of the murderer they hired. If they did that, do you think Don Lemon would actually fall to the ground on camera and start kicking and screaming? How do I get in touch with the writers, I have a lot of ideas!

Have a good day everyone!

Sic Semper Tyrannis

One thought on “Tuesday Rundown

  1. Emmys, the only thing worth watching was Betty White being honored at 94. I youtubed the last golden girl this morning and I am happy I didnt waste the other 125 minutes last night.

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