I Believe MOST Women


Boy have I tried hard to be kind of quiet about the Kavanaugh allegations. I have said that I believe Kavanaugh. I think because of the way these allegations came forward, as well as the bias of the accusers and the obvious panic in the Democratic Party that Kavanaugh will get on the court, I think these allegations are fabricated.

I believe women. I believed Roy Moore’s accuser. I believe most of the women who have made claims about Trump. I believe Juanita Broderick (where are you on that on feminists?). I believe Paula Jones (same question). I believe Harvey Weinstein’s accusers, at least I believe most of them. But that doesn’t mean false allegations don’t get made. And it IS a big deal when false allegations get made. It hurts real victims. If you want to #believesurvivors then #calloutfrauds.

I am not going to blither on about lack of evidence, lack of witnesses, lack of anyone telling anyone about any of this for three and a half decades… I’m just going to make a couple of predictions. Then I’m going to offer a few questions with comments of which an honest survivor should be able to answer the majority, if not all.


Ford will not testify: She risks perjury charges by doing so. She has no evidence and hasn’t even been able to keep even the largest details of her story straight. Any honest questioning of her is going to leave her looking like she is as unsure as to what took place as the rest of us… in a worst case scenario, it will lay bare a fabricated story. No lawyer will let her testify, even the blood sucking activist attorneys representing her.

Kavanaugh will come off as beleiveable. He doesn’t have to tell a story. His contention is that he wasn’t there. There is no witness that can put him there. His contemporary calendars show he wasn’t there. He seems like a good guy. He doesn’t cheat on his wife. Every woman who knows him (verifiably knows him) says he’s the salt of the earth.

Kavanahugh will be confirmed with 54 or more votes: Red state dems will vote for him. They want to get elected and if it was up to them to stop the nomination, they might vote differently, but it wont be. They won’t pay a political price in their home states to vote against a guy who is getting in anyway.

Now, it’s time to get in trouble. Below is a list of questions (with some comments) that any honest accuser/survivor should be able to answer. I have also been through trauma. I can answer these questions. I know women who have been assaulted. They can answer these questions. When someone can’t… yeah… I question whether or not the event really happened.

What happened? Specifically

I know it’s painful, and I am not asking you do it publicly do anything, but you should be able to recount exactly what took place unless you were drugged or very very intoxicated. In that case, you might not have a memory of the event and it shouldn’t discount your credibility in any way. Just because a woman is drunk doesn’t mean it is any less of a violation or crime to assault her.

When did this take place?

A year. A date. A time (approx.).

Where did this take place?

Country, State, City, Street, Address, Building, Room.

Who was involved?

Did you tell anyone?

I am not claiming you must have told someone. Many assaults go unreported… but is there someone who can state that something happened to you. Someone who can testify to the fact you changed your behavior. Did you confide in a priest, a therapist, a friend, a family member? Some women don’t. This doesn’t mean it didn’t happen. It just makes it harder to verify.

Why / Why not?

If you didn’t tell someone, why didn’t you tell someone?

If you did tell someone, what was their reaction?

Did they believe you? Did they encourage you to report it? Did they report it for you?

Did you document the event in any way?

A journal entry, a Facebook post, did you break a plate out of anger when you got home? Did you react, physically, in any way?

Have you had any contact with your abuser since the assault?

Some women stay in contact for a myriad of different reasons. Some because the have to. Some because the assaulter was someone close to them and killing off the relationship added pain to a terrible betrayal. It does not mean that you weren’t abused or that you did something wrong if the abuser stayed in your life.

What was the nature of that contact?

This is a tough one. If you continued a semi-romantic relationship for years after your attack, I do question that behavior.

Have you ever spoken to / heard of another victim of this person?

Many, if not most abusers don’t only abuse one woman. They abuse many. Are there others who have gone through what you went through? Have you spoken to them? Do you think you might know some but have never discussed it?

Look, people who have been through abuse and trauma react differently. Their reactions are all valid. They are the victim, they don’t owe anything to their abuser. However, in this country we give the accused the presumption of innocence. Otherwise a single accusation with no evidence whatsoever could derail careers, ruin marriages, destroy reputations, and even imprison innocent men. If you don’t agree that that is unthinkable, you are not thinking morally.

I hope you all read this in the good hearted nature in which it’s written. I believe women. I just also know that sometimes women lie. Not very woke, I know… but it’s true.

Quick note: I predicted she wouldn’t testify. Guess I was wrong about that! I never said I was perfect… Come to think of it, neither did anyone else… LOL

Sic Semper Tyrannis

3 thoughts on “I Believe MOST Women

  1. Her script was well prepared. She was articulate, concise, and showed a self-deprecating type of humility. She was obviously coached. She even handled herself well off script. She came off as mousy and fragile. Kavanaugh needs to come out swinging and be more personable then he was in his interview. Just repeating the same thing over and over is not going to do it for him after her testimony. Her attorneys are insolent and we have as yet to hear from anyone else supposedly in the house or the room so no corroborating evidence or testimony. Lets wait and see what he does.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I agree 100%. She did well.

      I disagree with the tactic of not pushing her on dates, locations, and witnesses. They needed to put her on her heels a little more, but I understand they were afraid of the optics.

      His fate is now in his own hands. If he can claim this didn’t happen believably… he’ll get on the court. If he doesn’t do this effectively, he’s done.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. All four at the party don’t remember anything happening. She claimed two were guilty and one was having health issues. There are enough unanswered details for Kavanaugh to still be confirmed if he can do well during his part.


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