10 Reasons to VOTE RED This Year!

There are hundreds reasons to go out and vote Republican this year. Here are my Top 10. Don’t stay home conservatives and libertarians. These people are not to be trusted. They have shown their true colors and they need to be defeated. Everyone needs to go do their part. We aren’t activists. We aren’t children. We aren’t loud. We are just good people who work hard, provide for our families, love our country and vote. Until and unless the left has their way, that still means something in this country. This is that time every couple of years when we get to be heard. So go out there and let ‘em hear you!

Also… I just can’t get enough of watching them freak out every time they lose.


1) Brett Kavanaugh

Far and away the most motivating factor in this race for men, women who like men, fathers of sons, mothers of sons, and anyone else with half a brain is Brett Kavanaugh. What Democrats did to him was pure evil. Throwing that poor damaged woman in front of the Senate and the nation while claiming they were only fact finding… then coordinating with their partners in the media to accuse an innocent man of sexual assault, rape, gang rape, and a multitude of other ridiculous nonsense has enraged people all over the country. Not a single corroborating witness ever stepped forward. Not a single thread of evidence was ever presented. Just more and more fantastic stories. It was a fever dream secreted by disturbed minds.

The ends don’t justify the means… and just because you don’t like a person’s politics does not give you the right to slander them and attempt to destroy their lives. It’s amazing that they ever thought this would work. All for what? So they could give the NUTBAG man-hating she-beasts in their own base something else to crow about? Go F yourselves with a fire extinguisher and pull the pin you cave dwelling hell trolls. More than anything else, my vote is because of that.


2) Maxine Waters

Ah, Auntie Maxine. The most corrupt person in congress… and that’s a high bar to clear. A woman who has made her entire political career about 2 things… race baiting and making enough money not to have to live amongst the people she represents. She has been extraordinarily successful at both. Having said that… what makes her special this go round is this:

Thanks Maxine! I hope you have a nice dinner too.


3) Liberals Rioting and Throwing Temper Tantrums

Oh, Sorry… Wrong video. It’s an easy mistake to make. Here’s the right one.

Is this the country we want? Does this seem at alright to you? Triggered overgrown children screaming at the top of their lungs? People taking to the streets because they don’t accept the outcome of an election? Let me ask you parents out there a question… When your child throws one of these tantrums looking for a candy bar or a toy or something… do you give it to them? Of course not. Then they would never learn. Well, I say it’s about time these children heard the word “no” for a change. Let’s tell them NO on Tuesday.


4) Linda Sarsour

She was one of the leaders of the women’s march. She was present (disrupted and removed from) the Kavanaugh hearings. She is a darling of the left. She is a fundraiser for the DNC. She’s great… Oh yeah, she is also a virulent anti-Semite, a supporter of Sharia Law, and has given aid and comfort to radical Islamist terrorist organizations. Huh… I wonder if that comes up when she is hanging with high ranking democrats and planning new “grass roots” protests (read riot).


5) Keith Ellison

Deputy chair of the DNC. Corrupt. Anti-Semite. Friend and supporter of Louis Farrakhan. Beat the living hell out of at least two girlfriends. Out and proud race baiter. Has the full support of his party. I guess they only care when it’s Republicans or dinosaurs from their own party who can’t do anything for them anymore.


6) Bob Menendez

Bob Menendez illegally accepted a trip from a lobbyist who took him out of the country where they had sex with underage girls. He stood trial for this. The jury was deadlocked… but there is plenty of evidence that he is 100% guilty of this and more. He enjoys the full support of the Democratic Party who are pouring MILLIONS of dollars into his race to try to save his seat. What a bunch of hypocrites! The same people who openly WEPT on TV over Roy Moore (a guy who the GOP did NOT support and LOST TO A DEMOCRAT IN ALABAMA!) just whistle their happy little asses right past the guy who, like 2 years ago, accepted CHILD PROSTITUTES as a gift from a lobbyist. LOL. Nothing to see there, guys. I’m still waiting on the Don Lemon segment about it.


7) The Economy

It’s doing great. Don’t screw it up by electing people who hate money. Please?


8) Taxes

Low taxes are a good thing. Sending less of your money into the black hole that is the federal budget is a good thing. Working families bringing more home is a good thing. Don’t let a bunch of nanny state “I know what to do with your money better than you” elite liberal twerps tell you that you don’t deserve to keep your own hard earned money. They didn’t work for it. They don’t spend it wisely. They HATE you for not giving them more… Screw ‘em… Give them less.


9) Immigration

Hola! We are not a roving horde of future welfare recipients descending on your border. It’s not happening at all. Nothing to see here. When we arrive at the border, we will line up in a single file line and each calmly apply for asylum. Asylum from what? We don’t know! We certainly aren’t going to storm the border en masse and disappear into sanctuary cities only to pop up every now and again when one of us commits a terrible crime. Don’t be silly… we are just hard working farmers and construction folks looking for a better life… and we all decided, at once, to walk like 2,000 miles with no provisions, water, food, vehicles, etc… Nothing to see here at all. Don’t believe those racist lyin’ eyes.


10) The Media

I could write forever just on them. Just remember all they have done in the last 2 years. How many “we got Trump now!” stories did they have to retract? How many completely fake stories did they publish? How many times has Anderson Cooper cried? How many times did they call good people racists or morons? Think about how much fun it will be if the “blue wave” doesn’t come. Just think about them backtracking and lying about their own corruption. That alone should be enough to vote red.


Bonus) FUN!

And the bonus. It will be so much fun to watch them winge and fidget and crow if they lose. How hilarious will it be when Trump walks out to “You Can’t Always Get What You Want” and congratulates the Republicans? Think of the spoiled overgrown children in the street. The screaming millennials. The news anchors. The college professors. How much fun will it be to watch them all lose their damn minds… again. I just don’t think I could ever drink enough of those sweet salty tears. Just the thought of it puts me in a good mood.

So for the love of everything holy… get out there an pull that lever on a straight Republican ticket this year. Maybe a solid whooping at the polls will knock some sense into them… maybe not… but it sure would be sweet.

Sic Semper Tyrannis

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