Brits are funny

Just something funny from The Facebook.

My Response:

LOL! Brits are fun.

Oh there’s just so much to say about this. I thought it would be funny to imagine how some of my favorite groups would look at this.

Monty Python: Did some watery tart throw that at you? Do you think that bestows upon you supreme executive power without the consent of the governed? Help help, I’m being repressed!

CNN: *Breaking News: Automatic Assault Sword Seized In Midnight Raid Saving Untold Millions Of Lives

NY Times: Sword Epidemic Shows That White Supremacy Is Alive And Well In UK

David Hogg: Is the camera on me yet? I want to be famous so badly I will stand on the graves of my dead classmates for a Twitter mention from Anderson Cooper.

Women’s March: Swords are the symbol of the patriarchy. They are obvious phallic substitutes for toxic men. They have no place in society… Masculinity is so fragile.

Alexandra Ocasio Cortez: I think that Northumberland is in California. Violence is bad. Let’s give everyone forks instead. #forksforall

MSNBC: Trump And Putin Plant Swords In England To Help Steal 2016 Election From Clinton

Black Lives Matter: Cop Plants Sword On Black Guy Because England Is Racist. Also Shaun King is too a black man and stop saying he isn’t just because he doesn’t look black and his mom is white and he doesn’t know who his dad is.

Code Pink: War Is Evil! Swords are weapons of war! Hey… how come we disappeared the moment Barack Obama was elected?

Fox News: Hero Cop Heroically Violates The Rights Of Hero Sword Owner Heroically Bearing Arms In Spite Of Law.

Neckbeards with Fedoras: Nice piece dude… but it can’t beat my katana. Also, girls don’t like me because I’m too smart for them.

NBC with Brian Williams: It was my sword. I carried it in the Battle of Hastings in 1066.

Right Wingers: Just more proof of the cuck leftist Europeans sissying their way through life. If it wasn’t for us they all be speaking…. blah blah blah

Hillary Clinton: Say it was my sword again and they’ll find my emails before they find your body. *Cackles loudly* *Adjusts her leg so you can’t see her hoof*

Australia: You call that a knife?

Men The World Over: It’s impossible to look hard in a bike helmet… even when holding a sword.

France: We surrender! Please don’t hurt us.

Liberals: Thank God… I mean Universe… that killing machine is off the streets. Unless it was in the hands of a Muslim, in which case they should give it back. #hashtags

Keydets: Haha… England is a bunch of pussies

Citadel: We surrender. Please don’t hurt us!

Elizabeth Warren: I have dream catcher that my grandmother made from buffalo hair and eagle bones. It foretold to me that white man would find big slicey stabby stick in garage. This very bad. White man should not have weapons of war. When white man has war weapons, all injun suffer.

Jake: I’ll do about anything other than my expense report right now

Have a good day everyone!

Sic Semper Tyrannis

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