Brits are funny

Just something funny from The Facebook. My Response: LOL! Brits are fun. Oh there's just so much to say about this. I thought it would be funny to imagine how some of my favorite groups would look at this. Monty Python: Did some watery tart throw that at you? Do you think that bestows … Continue reading Brits are funny

Jeff Sessions Is Done

Jeff Sessions has resigned at President Trump's request. There will be other shake ups in the administration.   Jeff Sessions has been a stalwart for law and order. His relationship with the president has been difficult ever since he recused himself from the Russia investigation. History will prove that to be the best thing he … Continue reading Jeff Sessions Is Done

Jake Interviews Alexandra Ocasio-Cortez

So I sat down with a Millennial socialist and congressional candidate from Brooklyn, Alexandra Ocasio-Cortez yesterday and interviewed her about all things topical. We discussed Trump, #metoo, taxes, the economy, the mid-terms and several other topics. Here are some excerpts from our conversation. J: Hi Alexandra, thanks for coming in. Did I mess up on … Continue reading Jake Interviews Alexandra Ocasio-Cortez

10 Reasons to VOTE RED This Year!

There are hundreds reasons to go out and vote Republican this year. Here are my Top 10. Don’t stay home conservatives and libertarians. These people are not to be trusted. They have shown their true colors and they need to be defeated. Everyone needs to go do their part. We aren’t activists. We aren’t children. … Continue reading 10 Reasons to VOTE RED This Year!